5 Tips for Better Leading and Motivating Your Team

Chief Executive
July 30, 2015

There are times when my driven and laser-focused clients are at a loss as to how to create urgency and propel their team. It is clear what needs to be accomplished, yet they fail to mobilize their troops. Laying the foundation for great teamwork involves a number of important factors. To succeed, consider these 5 tips.

This is the MOST watched TED Talk video. It has over 33 million views on the TED website and over 8 million on YouTube. It must resonate with the public. Yet, what are we doing about it? Our schools are preparing the next generation of employees for your businesses. Studies have shown that creativity is one of the most desired skills employers want in their staff. Take a look at this video. You may want to become an advocate for education reform.

Top 5 States for Startups

Chief Executive
June 26, 2915

With the largest year-over-year growth in two decades, American startups overall are on the rebound, according to Kauffman. In addition to a western cluster of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Colorado, one eastern state—Vermont—rounded out the top five in the 2015 Index of Startup Activity by the Kauffman Foundation. New York, Washington State and Wisconsin were among states that fared more poorly than a year earlier.


The Ultimate Sales Machines (Portfolio, 2008)

This is a must read for anyone in a leadership position. It covers a wide range of topics, from running effective meetings, to personal productivity tips, to marketing, to hiring superstars. Every chapter is different and filled with practical advice. I recommend reading it more than once. Although it’s a book about sales, the author doesn’t spend chapter after chapter with typical sales tactics. Rather, he provides advice and easy to implement ideas for running an engaged and productive company which ultimately increases sales. Holmes does include two chapters that directly cover sales that are also interesting and valuable.

The Top 40 Most Inventive Companies

Chief Executive
June 15, 2015

The Sqoop indexes on patents and grants rank the top 40 ‘most inventive’ companies. as they are published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It has pulled together a list of the companies that have applied for the most patents, and received the most grants, from the USPTO so far this year.