Encouraging Workplace Creativity – What Gets Real Results

People Development Magazine

Bright colors, whiteboards scattered through the office, corporate retreats for “team building” – just a few of the ways organizations have tried to encourage workplace creativity among employees. But what we’ve found is that without employee engagement, efforts at stimulating innovative thinking often fail.

What factors into the kind of engagement that allows creativity to flourish?

Keeping Customers Continuously Infatuated

Harvard Business Review

A few years back, my three-year-old son Max had an unyielding passion for Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Piece by piece, he accumulated a rather impressive collection. But here is the thing that fascinated me as a parent: every time Max received a new train that he had obsessed about, which he just had to have, he promptly took out the catalog to identify the next train that he could no longer live without.

10 Things Companies Do That Kill Employee Motivation

LinkedIn The Learning Blog

In 2013, Gallup sought to discover how many American employees weren’t engaged – i.e. didn’t really care about their jobs – and how much that disengagement cost companies. The results were staggering. Gallup found 70 percent of US employees were disengaged, which cost their organizations between $450 billion and $550 billion in loss productivity that year alone.  Why are so many employees unengaged? Lots of reasons, but there are 10 things companies routinely do that cause their employees to stop caring about their jobs.

How To Manage Conflict At Work


Effectively managing conflict is arguably the hardest thing a manager has to do. I was recently reminded of this by a comment from a reader in response to a post (10 Things Successful Business People Aren’t Daunted By). Her observation? “I’ll be printing this off and putting it where I can read it every morning,” she wrote. “Dealing well with conflict (instead of running and hiding) has been one of my biggest challenges as a relatively new manager, so thank you for reminding me that conquering that fear of conflict is worth it!”


How to Be Visionary Without Overpromising and Underdelivering

Chief Executive

In relatively short order over the last few years, Elon Musk, the native South African and visionary co-founder of PayPal, has established and built companies that already have begun creating new industries or rewriting the rules of old ones. He is dazzling customers and fans with his ability to commercialize technologies that not long ago ranked as fantasies.

What CEOs Should Be Focusing On in 2017

Saatchi & Saatchi

At the recent AT Kearney Global Business Policy Council retreat in Warsaw we reviewed the results of an April 2016 CEO survey on their top five concerns for 2017 and beyond. This survey stimulated me to outline my answers to this question What CEO’s should be focusing on in 2017?  I believe CEO’s should be focusing on these 5 things: