Are Great Inspirational Leaders Destined or Developed?

People Development Magazine

The debate is fierce, with many believing leadership to be intrinsic. However, recent studies have reached a tentative consensus – inspirational leaders are mostly made. One study suggests that inborn traits only account for about a third of a person’s leadership ability. Another backs this up, placing importance of natural ability at around 30%.

Big-Box Retailers Have Two Options If They Want to Survive

Harvard Business Review
June 22, 2016

Big box retail stores are losing relevance, while e-commerce and specialty stores grow in appeal. People no longer want — or need — to shop as anonymous customers in large stores with shelves stocked high in aisle after aisle. As a result, big box retail must shift its strategy — from competing on access and selection to staging big experiences and providing big discounts.

Four Valuable Productivity Tips From My FitBit

Jennifer Good
June 14, 2016

My husband gave me a FitBit for Mother’s Day. Some might think this is a rude gift……as if he’s telling me to exercise more or lose weight. Actually, it’s exactly what I had been asking for. I have a very sedentary job and was hopeful that this clever little Fitbit would be the motivation I needed to get more daily exercise.

Unlocking the Leader Within…..You’re Five Steps Away

David Naylor
June 18, 2016

The process of becoming a great leader is far too often shrouded in mystery. It is almost as if many believe that great leadership is the outgrowth of a secret combination of black magic and divine intervention. This limiting misconception frequently causes people to mistakenly overlook the simple truths that exists right before their eyes.

How Bold Should a Long-Term Goal Really Be?

Community Wealth

Why do some social change initiatives achieve transformational results while others only make incremental progress? Based on our direct work with clients nationwide and from in-depth research on efforts ranging from the anti-malaria and anti-tobacco movements to the designated driver campaign and the reduction in crime in New York City in the ’90s, we have identified common themes across efforts that have achieved significant, sustained impact at the population-level.