Tech Execs Merge – Ron Kaiser and Hoffman CFO Consulting

Hoffman CFO Consulting
January 28, 2015

Hoffman CFO Consulting proudly announces its new principal Ron Kaiser. Adding Kaiser brings together his 35 years of experience in public and private finance, accounting, and operations management, including serving as CFO, CEO, and Board Director, with the momentum of Hoffman CFO Consulting, an emerging player in financial leadership in the Washington, DC region. Known for their respective expertise with emerging and established technology companies, Hoffman and Kaiser also bring years of e-commerce, manufacturing, and government contracting experience to the combined venture. Read more at the link.

Understanding When to Give Feedback

Harvard Business Review
December 4, 2014

Providing feedback is not merely a hoop to jump through when the time for performance reviews rolls around. It should be an ongoing process woven into the fabric of everyday work. Read this article from Harvard Business Review.

Recognizing Weeds in Your Company


Problems, bad hires, unintentional values taking over your business – think of them as weeds.  In a well managed garden, weeds are dealt with immediately, not allowed to take over the garden. In an organization, problems are the same way. As an example, take a look at your company core values.  Whether you’ve defined them or not, values underlie the actions and decisions being made in your company. They’ve grown like weeds, or they’ve been intentionally designed, integrated, and managed.

Values Based Leadership

University of California
September 2008

This is a one-hour class on Values Based Leadership. Great reminders and lessons on what leadership means, beyond the finance, human resources, operations, marketing, and other skills.